Our research laboratory

We are a research laboratory of the Faculty of Biological Sciences at Torreón, Coahuila state, México.

Biorem Lab was created in 2007 by a small group of students under the guidance of Dr. Nagamani Balagurusamy. We try to decipher and understand the microbial communities, their biochemical processes and interactions in natural ecosystems, biodigesters and in plants.

Since 2007, a considerable number of students from different generations have been part of our lab. Many of them are in different parts of Mexico, Europe and USA and continue with their efforts to improve the understanding on science and to contribute the betterment of society.

Currently, around ten students (undergraduate and graduate studies) are working in the lab.

Biorem videos from past

Projects carried out by past students from Biorem in colaboration with International Universities, such as The University of Georgia, Athens, USA.

Work done at Biorem on anaerobic digestion 2010...